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& Stand Design

Our team of experienced designers is on hand to help turn your ideas from dreams into reality. We work with you to determine your requirements and lend our expertise to help you choose the right materials and design to deliver stand concepts and themes perfectly tailored to your objectives.


From the first contact your brand is our focus. Our international team of Project Managers provide support in over 10 world languages to guide clients through the entire process of the delivery of your stand, from the conceptual design phase through to its completed build, anywhere in the world.


We adhere to the highest standards of build quality and enforce strict measures of quality control throughout the entire pre-production, production, transportation and assembling of your stand.

Our own hightech factory coupled with internationally proven expertise, meticulous planning and quality control by our experienced engineers are key elements alowing us to deliver outstanding exhibition stands, anywhere in the world.

We use only proven, quality materials and conform to the highest norms of safety measures, regardless of local guidelines.

We always strive to work within client budget and to provide market leading priced proposals without compromising on quality. Working with passion, we like what we do and always give 110% to be better.

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